Hey Windows Wheres My DVD Drive

Fix missing DVD drive after upgrade to windows 10

After months of nagging, I recently upgraded my Windows 7 box to Windows 10. Initially all was good, that was until I needed to access my DVD drive. For reasons known only to Windows, my DVD drive had disappeared. After much searching the far corners of the internet, I found the answer to my issue. Hopefully it will work for you, but please take care when performing these steps otherwie you could make things worse…

  1. Open Device Manager
    • Right click Windows Icon, choose Device Manager
  2. Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers
    • Click on the small arrow “>” next to IDE ATA/ATAPI
  3. You should be presented with a list similar to this:

  4. Uninstall ATA Channels

    • Right click ATA Channel 0 and select “Uninstall”.
    • Repeat this for the remaining Channels, in my case I performed this 4 times. Ignore the request to reboot until you removed them all.
  5. Immediately Reboot your PC.

For me after the reboot my DVD drive had magically re-appeared.

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