Build Instructions for CopyMe84A

Introduction The CopyMe84A1 kit allows you to build a clone of the classic “Simon Says” electronic game. I’ve tried to keep the build as simple as possible in order to make this kit suitable for beginners. This kit is fully open source, both software and hardware. Please visit its github page for access to the source code and Kicad files for the HW. You can buy a complete kit of parts from our store.

Building Arduino projects with makefiles

Introduction The Arduino IDE is a great bit of software to get you up and running quickly, but as projects get larger, or if you already have preferred code editor etc., it might not be the best way to go. In this post, we will discuss a simple approach to building projects for Arduino with-out using the IDE. The Arduino IDE still needs to be installed, we need some of the libraries it provides, but we won’t actually need to run it to develop code for the Arduino platform.

Installing AVR libc & gcc toolchain from source on Linux

Introduction Some basic instructions on how get yourself setup to build C/C++ programs for Atmel’s AVR micro-controllers. The will install the following versions: GNU Binutils version 2.26 GNU GCC for AVR version 5.2.0 AVR libC version 2.0.0 Before you start, you need to decide where you would like to install the tool-chain. The default is something like /usr/local which will require root access. If don’t have this, or prefer to install in a non-system location you will need to configure the build system as such.